TV, Again

I know, how often do I blab on about tv, eh? But, I was a little disappointed in the Celebrity Apprentice tonight, not surprised, but a little disappointed. There’s a lot of chatter on the blogs about good versus evil and Brit versus Redneck (which I’m sure TA takes offense at), yup, if you were looking strictly for a businessman, Piers did have a deeper Rolodex, with more money. It depends on what the game was all about, I think they both ‘won’ – as they got more attention to their charities. However, each one of the finalists had a different way of looking at ‘the game’ — Trace thought it was about representing your charity, not letting them or yourself down or being disrespectful, and raising money in a way that kept up their reputation in an appropriate way. Piers thought that it was all about raising money, no matter how he got it done.

But I bet you that $300,000 he raised from 2 people last night that neither of those guys that pledged money for tea with the Duchess of York or a shopping spree with Ivanka Trump, would show up with a truck to help Piers move, or even lift a box. But I bet Eddie Montgomery would show up for Trace within the hour. Can I get an Amen to that?
Switching gears, is anyone else following Eli Stone? I can’t decide if this is hilarious or mind boggling. This poor guy can’t get ahead, he doesn’t seem to get left behind, but somehow it turns out okay. So will he have his brain aneurysm removed? Or will he keep it in, keep the visions, and keep helping people, doing the right thing? Ack!


  1. There is no way Eli will lose the aneuryism removed successfully. HOw else could they pull off all the song and dance numbers??!!

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