Easy Easter Dessert

Prepare a box cake mix and pour batter into 2 round cake pans. Bake as directed. Cut ears and bow tie from one cake. Trace a semi-oval on each side and the center becomes the bow tie. Once you have the lines you want, cut through to form the 3 pieces. Arrange cake, with ears on top and bow tie underneath. Frost and decorate as desired. Here he is without his bow tie. We used homemade frosting (plain and chocolate) twizzlers, m and m’s for this one, and gave him buck teeth. Quite colorful, but yours can be as plain or as wild as you want!


  1. I made an Easter Bunny cake a few years ago. It was a huge hit! They’re so cute. I also used green food coloring to lightly color some cocunut and put it under the cake to make it look like Easter basket grass.

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