Have you ever had to witness an Intervention ? With the prolific spew of this on television, it would be amazing if you had not seen at least a commercial, a blip on a late night television show, or a blog post about ‘someone’ that ‘someone’ knows went through one because of a problem they had.

Here’s the thing, people can need interventions for MANY things. Basically, it’s when you have too much or too little of something in your life. AND when this becomes an issue with one or more areas of your life. This might be affecting your work, your home life, relationships with your children or parents, your friends, or your relationship with society in general. Addictions or neglect are examples of some reasons one might need an intervention. Luckily, I’ve only had to deal personally with viewing it on television, but I had relatives that lived with drunks that were totally in denial, and it was so sad to see their faces.

Addictions are not just for drugs anymore, either, people can be addicted to gambling, sex, computers, alcohol, and probably not love (per se) as the pop iconology, music and movies would like you to believe. This of course is a serious thing. You only have to witness a person in your life stumbling around once to believe that it’s true, although they (and you) may deny it for some time to come. The point is, that often times people truly need help. If you are a dealing with a rational, healthy, person, they will probably thank you for your assistance, and agree to get checked out by a doctor. Of course, a sick/addicted person may very well be coy and clever enough to do the same thing. So do any of you have experience with an intervention? Or do you know someone who needed one, did not get it and now you feel it is too late?

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  1. I’ve been craving pineapples. ha ha.

    seriously – I’m aware of several intervention needs. I wonder if there has been a study to see how often they are successful.

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