Best Jelly Beans…

Okay, so seriously, the 50 cent bag of Jelly egg jelly beans are seriously some of the best ever. We bought some just to put into this little chicken that… well just say you push down on him and jelly beans fall out of his posterior. It’s kind of a gag thing that I got from Hallmark years ago and I buy jelly beans every year JUST for this season.

I was so disappointed in the star-burst jelly beans, as they changed the green ones from lime to green apple (icky) and then there were about half of them that I didnt like (although I loved the pink ones, just like I love pink starburst!), so this year we got these generic ones as a lark and also to decorate our Easter bunny cake. We decided on them this year instead of m and m’s. By the by, I have no idea why on earth our bunny last year didnt have a bow tie, but he didnt. Maybe it was kept aside for someone who couldnt be there, I dont’ know. It also could be that it was smothered in coconut and I didnt want it to touch the rest of the cake. Who knows. Either way, I just wanted to say that the generic jelly beans are awesome. (Okay I havent tasted the purple as I have an aversion to all fake-grape flavors, or the black because I hate licorice), but I can eat all the other colors, and I’m SO EXCITED! Yeah! jelly beans!


  1. Yes! Seriously! The generic ones ARE the best! I found that out a few years ago. I’m a huge jelly bean fanatic, but am trying to avoid them this year. Damn diet! 😛

  2. My favorite jelly beans are Smuckers. They’re all fruit flavored. No nasty licorice, and even the orange, yellow and green ones are tasty.

    I won’t be eating jelly beans this year, though. I’ll just live vicariously through you.

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