New Shoes…

Okay, so I still haven’t found the all-weather shoes that I really need, but these were on sale at JC Penney, so I gave them a whirl. I got an extra 10% off during the sweet sale. My husband, somewhat of a chocolate fan, didnt like their chocolate, but I was happy for the extra savings! These should be good enough to wear for 2 seasons (um spring and summer, dudes!) with jeans or with my snazzy black dress, if I have an occasion to wear it to again! I had been lacking in black sandals (I only had a 3 inch teetering pair of brown ones that are dangerous!) for an entire year, so I’m certainly glad I found these. They are ‘juniors’ sized, so I ended up with a 7, but that’s good enough for me (think 5.5 women’s)! I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to wear these out! yeah!


  1. I hate having to wait that last month before being able to wear spring/summer sandals! I just bought an adorable pair of red peep-toe wedges at Target and I’m dying to wear them!!

    Love the new sandals! I have some that look almost just like those and they go with EVERYTHING!

  2. Cute! But wait…there’s a difference in Junior’s and women’s shoe sizes??? Cuz, I’ve never noticed that before, and I’m the shoe girl over here! 😉

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