Movin’ on up…

The temperature that is! It’s supposed to get close to 50 today! Woohoo! That means that the snow will start to melt a little more!

On Sunday, we finished scraping up the rest of the ice that was at the edge of the driveway/street. It was a lot of work, and my hubby should get most of the credit. He’s the one with blisters all over his hands. He broke up the ice, and I did the scooping and tossing it off to the side. The thing is, all this time, we’ve been doing the whole driveway. Our neighbor kind of gave us a very backhand compliment, she said, you guys shouldnt be doing that, Tim (our landlord) should be doing that. The truth is, his responsibility is to clean the drive and sidewalks if it snows more than 3 inches. Other than that, his hands don’t get dirty. We have gone out several times and cleaned our side of the drive, then felt bad and did hers. It wasn’t that much more work, but a simple thank you would have been nice. Of course, we didnt do it for a thank you, we did it because it was the right thing to do. But spending an hour busting up ice several times for the last few weekends in a row should merit something, shouldnt it? We’ve had quite a few big snows, but it was the little ones that ground down and turned into ice on the driveway and from the street. Of course, the city didn’t clean our street until last weekend, so from November until now it’s been a rutty, ice gutted mess. Our nice shiny truck has been bumped so far out of alignment that it’s worn our inside tire smooth. Not good. So thanks to the city, we’ll have to get an alignment and replace that tire. Oh joy. Too bad all the idiots on our street couldnt have parked in their driveways sometime before February so that we wouldnt have had that rutty mess to contend with all winter long. Oh well.

The temps are supposed to warm up today. I plan on taking advantage of it, getting a walk in and maybe shoveling our patio if some of the ice loosens up a bit. Then all the hidden rabbit poo will hopefully make our buried marigolds grow some? Well I can hope! Tomorrow it’s supposed to actually reach 50. For those of you saying big deal, well it is a big deal, as our temperatures have been below normal up until this point. This week it’s supposed to ebb and flow, going to normal and then below, back and forth. We’ll see what the rest of March holds later. With 2 holidays coming up, it’ll be interesting to see if we get more snow. We ARE scheduled for more snow this week on the ebb days of 30 degrees.

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