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Just a quick one today – if we have food we don’t eat before it goes stale or etc, we toss it out for the ‘runny babbits’ (my own insanity) and ‘squirrelllls’ (a la Veruca Salt, Charlie & Chocolate Factory). This goes for crackers, bread, etc. Anything we think they will eat, we toss it out and they gobble it up. Sure it might be bad for them, but hey, they ate it!

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  1. thanks for linking to me!! I love your idea! We have tons of dogs, we actually have really cute puppies, if you want one (or just want to see a picture of one) leave a comment on my blog and I will post pictures. I might post the pictures anyway, but if someone asks me to than I definatly will. Now I am just rambaling and it is not even a post!

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