A little pink, a little giggle…

Hi guys, just giving some props to Pink Basement Dweller, a new Fun Mondayer who is a ‘younger blogger’ to be sure. So be nice on your visit! She’s got some cool pictures over at her blog, so go check it out!

I must admit, I’m not much for pink, but she makes it seem kind of cool. Okay the real reason for this shameless plug is that she’s having a contest. I have no idea what the prize is, but hey, she’s pink and a basement dweller. Does it really matter? Mmk. Didn’t think so. So here’s the deal. She is having a contest that runs until her birthday and she wants to know: What could you STUFF a pillow with. No liquids, and not just regular stuffing.

Here’s my idea! DOG HAIR! Particularly fluffy golden retriever dog hair. Golden retrievers shed pretty constantly, and their hair is so fine and soft, and often times when my family had golden retrievers we would comment on how soft their hair was and how it would make great pillow stuffing.

Recently on Martha Stewart I saw that people are sending their dog hair to someone to have it made into yarn, that could then be made into sweaters for people or animals! So there you go PBD, Dog hair is my answer to your query! Why are you still here, go check her out already!


  1. okay so blogger just did something really weird,so if i have commented 2x saying the same thing, sorry!- this is a recap of what my last comment said.

    Thanks for linking to my blog!! Dog hair- that is a good one!! We have pleny of dogs, we actually have a litter of pups right now. If anyone, or anyone you know wants a really cute puppy (a maltese mix) just tell them to come to my blog, I don’t have pictures on yet, but I hope to really soon! (make sure to leave a comment to remind me to post!!)

  2. Ugh. I have enough dog hair! Rachel could stuff pillows with dog hair! Maltese have lots and lots of fluffy hair.

    Thanks for playing with Rachel.

    Rachel’s Mom (Cynthia)

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