Weekend ramblings…

We have NOT spent the majority of the last 2 weekends taking long walks, trying to break up ice and jumping in puddles. Really, we’re grown ups, we wouldnt do that.

We also didnt go straight from lunch to popcorn with a movie yesterday. That would just be wrong.

Nor have we spent hours devising ways of keeping the squirrels from running off with all the corn so that the rabbits don’t get any. Such a waste of time. Beneath us.

Nor hours oohing and ahhing over the local wildlife. We’re much too busy for that.

Nor did we polish off half a bag of chicks and rabbits. Nope. You must be imagining it.

We were good citizens, read interesting but non-new agey books and manuals on how to be better citizens, discussing politics and saving the environment. Really!

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