Fight the Frump Ed. 5

Today’s topic is all about…exercise!!! Okay, it’s not really exciting, is it? But it’s something we all need, basically every day. For the last 4 months, I have been working out along with a tv show for an hour a weekday (there are commercials, but I tend to ‘keep walking’ or ‘do chores’ on commercials) and it has really made a change my my physique! When I started out, I had no ‘abs’ – abdominal surgery had cut through all of it and trashed it 2 years ago. Now, WOW I have abs (you can’t see them, but I can feel them!) My hands and feet are thinner, my D cups aren’t straining to hold my bo0bs in anymore, all areas of my waist have gone down, and the side and back ‘muffin’ is all gone. I still have a little front muffin, sad to say. But, if you have a ways to go, progress is still progress! The biggest change is in my muscles. I have definition in my shoulders. Big bumps and hollows that weren’t there before, defined, instead of rounded. Because my shoulders are already big (so wide as a kid-even though I was skinny– that I often have trouble getting shirts to fit them), this is definitely a good thing! Biceps popping out, calves very shapely, less arm and thigh jiggle. I’ve only lost a couple of pounds, but the muscle, flexibility and shaping up is definitely appreciated by the man of the house! And as I said, I have abs! I can suck in my belly and it almost looks flat. Considering I “looked” about 5 months pregnant 4 months ago (and was not) this is a BIG improvement. In January, I wore a low cut close cut dress and felt fabulous! Almost everyone else was wearing sweaters and pants and I felt so sexy!
Incorporating this into your lifestyle is not as hard as it seems. Really! When I started out, I had 2 cans of vegetables for weights. This was difficult, as I have small hands, but I managed to hold onto them to do all the exercises (that’s one pound each)… Even using your hands and pretending you are holding weights is better than saying ‘forget it’ and doing nothing! Now I have a set of 3 lb weights (for Christmas, I was thrilled!) and have gotten a ton of use and bigger muscles out of them. Yeah, right, you are thinking, but what about me? I for one have no baggage. No kids to worry about. I can do my workout, go get cleaned up, and not worry about a thing. Easy for me to say, right?
Here’s a few tips, if you are lucky enough to “have baggage”, like a toddler, mmk? Find your show, anything that looks interesting, and record it if its not on at a good time. Rent Richards Simmons from the library or video store if you must! Then, put on your shorts and tank top, sports bra, what have you, and get your bottle of water. Get a sippy cup of water for your kid. No really, water! If they work out with you, they’ll need it! Oh and your weights or cans of veggies if you dont have weights! Then get your area in front of the tv and turn the show on. Tell your child it’s time to play with mommy! Get them to listen to the music, dance around, etc etc. Teach your little boy how to make muscles! Teach your little girl that to grow up strong, you have to exercise! If they dont do it all with you, no big deal, if they do, great! They’ve expended energy and will go to bed a little better for you at night or at naptime. Needless to say, they are likely to stay ‘where the action is’ versus running off and getting into trouble.
If you dont have the concentration or your baggage includes an infant, turn off the tv, you know you’re mad at Montel anyway! Ha! Then! Turn on the radio and dance with your little darlin. Lift, twirl, rock back and forth. It will be great bonding, and instill a love of music in them. Doing this everyday will also help transition them to a time where they’re used to you exercising with them, and if they’re old enough to make a muscle, they’ll be ready to transition to toddler exercise! Even just a few minutes will be a breather for you and leave you feeling energized!
Older kids will likely be in pre-K or school, so you have a window of time there to do your workout while they are gone. I say, put your load of laundry in, and while you’re waiting, do your workout!
If you can’t take blocks of time, take advantage of your chores around the house to ‘workout’! Make several trips upstairs to go to the bathroom instead of going downstairs. Take each child’s clothes upstairs or to their rooms from the laundry room separately. YES, this takes longer. But the chores will get done, and you’ll be healthier for it! Take time after lunch to walk around your block. Get out the stroller and go. You may find that you enjoy it so much that you want to go around again, or down another block. Or, walk around the park while your child plays nearby. Walk in a circle around the play equipment instead of standing or sitting while they play.
Even if all you can do is on Saturday when the kids need to run outside, it’s better than nothing at all, and will likely spur you on to do more and more.
Trust me, you may not see huge results from this at first, but with a healthy diet, some vitamins, you’ll start to feel better, and feeling better is one step closer to un-frumpy-ness! Fight the Frump!


  1. This is a great tip!

    I started an exercise routine 9 weeks ago and I feel better than I have in years!! It is even becoming a habit.

    Have a great week!

  2. I started runing/walking a couple of weeks ago, and have found I really enjoy it. I can actually get away for a little while and have time to think. 🙂

  3. P.S. I just looked at your profile to see where you are from in Iowa and it looks like we are about 7 hours away from each other (I’m wayyyyyyy northwest). Imagine the winter 7 hours NORTH of you if you think southern Iowa is bad. bwahwhahhahaha

  4. I didn’t read the whole entry. Once I saw the word exercise and the fact that I had to figure out where paragraph breaks were, I just quit reading.

    That’s why I have an ever-expanding body.

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