On forums, discussions, and censorship…

I WAS * part of a group that discusses various things, the main topic being the male species and how to treat him as a partner, etc. Overall, it’s a pretty good group. There are a few people that tout how religious they are and then don’t add anything worthwhile to the discussion, and most who just gloss over the issue and don’t provide anything very meaningful. Some do actually post something that worked for them. The discussions are often interesting and helpful. People often ask questions and I answer them truthfully. That’s why I got a candid award, no?

Apparently, some of the members are taking issue with it, and instead of challenging me or asking me personally about my opinion or just ignoring it? They’re going to the forum owner.

I’m being asked to “tone it down” …

So why is the candidness asked for and then so easily discarded? It’s kind of sad, because it was a good way to share my personal knowledge (and I have been VERY truthful with situations we have been in regarding finances, communication, etc) and help other people who admit they are failures at their relationships…

Any thoughts? * I decided to end my association with the group. Why stress myself over it?


  1. Tone it down?


    That’s why I only frequent one message board now. People are so strange. They want your thoughts only so they can disagree with them/try to change your mind, it seems.

    Sort of a waste of time to put your thoughts in order, try to lend a hand with advice and then get slapped upside the head, isn’t it?

    If you really value the discussion with some members, start a new board and take them with you. The whiners can stay behind and do a toned down version of whatever they’d like.

  2. So sorry to hear this – I have enjoyed your candidness on your blog, and learned from it – some things apply, and some don’t – and I just filter them as needed.

    Some people I guess can’t filter? Or they think it is all about them – when maybe it isn’t.

    I am sure you will continue to reach out and share and inspire – be it here or another way. I agree -you don’t need that stress.

    Why can’t people just get along??!?

  3. Howdy,
    I’m not sure what forum you were a part of, but isn’t give and take the point of a forum? Did you apply and get selected? No, you joined in… how dare they censor honesty! Yipes!

    Oh, and as for my “Hotel California” post – IMHO that song is NOT about some satan thing, it’s about the excesses so common in California. I was using that song as a metaphor for the excesses that are taking over my life… sorry to be so “deep” but really, how many times can you say “I’m too busy to blog?” Thanks for your comments and don’t let the idiots get you down, stay candid!

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