Some of you have heard my tales of woe with insurance. But, in general we are happy with our previous experiences with Car Insurance

One of my favorite things about it? Is that we were able to shop online for it, compare quotes and policy differences, and think about it before we made a decision. There were no high pressure sales people, no follow up phone calls or reminder emails, it was heaven! We were also able to do ‘what ifs’ without being accidentally charged with insurance on a vehicle we did not own, which happened several times with one local small town dealer. As he eventually closed down, I gather we were not the only ones that happened to.

We were able to get insurance in our local area now with a local provider also by simply emailing and asking for a quote, which also was very simple. It allows you to do so at any time of day and any day of the week, and is a boon for 2 income families. It sure beats picking up the phone and waiting for them to shuffle papers or wait an indeterminable amount of time for a response. So, the next time you shop for car insurance, consider using your computer!

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