Did you know?…

That when pasta is done (like macaroni, for instance), that you can throw it against a wall and it will stick? If it’s not done, it bounces right off. I just KNOW that you’re going to try that tonight!

That a police officer can use a radar gun in his side mirror and see how fast you’re going (thanks officer Vern).

That I’m addicted to these? At Easter time, these are my crack cocaine! Oh they are kind of like circus peanuts! They are very hard to find, and when I saw them in the Hyvee ad for 3/$5, I screamed “Chicks and Rabbits” in a very high pitched voice three times in a row, calmed down, and conned my husband into buying me 6 bags. As you can see, this is the end of Bag #1!


  1. I have never seen these -my vice is Cadbury Eggs and BLACK jelly beans!!! Can’t get enough of those black jelly beans! Good thing for me none of my inlaws like them – so they sort them all out for me!

  2. OH NO! Now I’m drooling… I love, love, love those! Crap…now I don’t want to go to the gym…I want to go to the grocery store! 😛

  3. I did know about the pasta thing. I tried it once when I still lived at home and my mom made me wash the kitchen wall afterward – it so wasn’t worth it!

    Those chicks and rabbit things used to be my absolute favorite candy at Easter.

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