(Not) All by Myself…

I haven’t given my husband enough credit lately. He reads my blog, he “talks” politics and current events with me, and lately? He’s taken to complimenting me on almost everything. The fact that I’m working out and slimming down a little bit? Check. The way I scoop snow off of the drive? Check. Cake? Check, including yummy noises!

I must admit, I was a bit suspicious when all this started. I have no idea why he does it, but it certainly does motivate me to keep going on my workouts and such. I think about how proud he is of me taking care of myself finally when I’m feeling down. Yes!

Also? He’s been pitching in when I make something complicated for dinner and/or on the weekends. I made lasagna Sunday night, and he gathered ingredients, stirred things, and gave me some extra hugs and kisses during down times. It was really really nice.

Oh and since I have to do all the laundry on the weekend (as he’s wearing dress clothes on Fridays and he only has 5 pairs of pants) and he hears me clanking around, he’s taken to handing me clothes to toss in the dryer (keeping me from stuffing my head into the washer, where I have to stand on my head practically to get stuff out of there) helps me hang them up a lot now, and asking me to just leave his clothes on the bed otherwise, and he puts his own away. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I am so impressed and thrilled that even though I’m the primary house keeper, that he’s doing his part on the weekends so that we can both have time together to hang out and just enjoy life.

PS thanks to him on Sunday I logged over 16,000 steps on my pedometer. That’s 7 miles folks!


  1. Is your husband teaching classes? I think I might know someone who I could send!! 🙂 And thanks for the shout-out on my Anniversary!! And a Very Happy Blogoversary to you too!!!

  2. What a great guy! And great of you to post this! I don’t tell my Hubby often enough how great he is…maybe right now is a good time to do that.

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