Digital camoflage…

Have you taken a close look at army camoflage these days? Even THAT is going digital. It took me a while to figure out what was “wrong” with my eyes, and then I realized that all those little patterns DID have square edges to them. The new ‘camo’ looks like a scrambled digital photograph made up of square pixels. Not exactly the ‘leafy green’ camo of ages past…

What is that saying, times they are a ‘changing?

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  1. The military has been toying with digital camo for years. While I was serving, we went through no less than 5 different styles. The lastest digital imagery was developed to trick the human eye more so than the stable patterns we have become so accustomed to seeing. Personally, I don’t know if it works. If you look at any hunting catalog, you’ll see hundreds of different patterns based on your foliage to include snow.
    Maybe it is easier for the machine cranking out the patterns to print DPI based on need. Again, I remember the big fuss of switching from woodland camo to “desert” based on Kuwait’s need some time back. We re-painted EVERYTHING – vehicles, planes, boots… If you are ever in need of the new computer camo look, I still have access to a nearby base – I can get you a price and send you some… I am still in my green BDUs here, when outside. That way, the bears don’t see me – unless they have a computer. NLM

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