Fight the Frump Friday Ed. 4

Emergency! Emergency! Do you have any emergency kit? What do you keep in it?

Small tube of lotion
facial tissue/wipes
Tylen*l, “stomach” or other meds
Small kit or stash of bandages, wipes, etc.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up needing a band-aid with none to be found, or an emergency stash of ‘female supplies’ was necessary. What do you need in your emergency kit? Check out the kit (right) for some other ideas. What needs to you have? As I’m sure you could tell, I used to get a lot of headaches, and would get papercuts all the time. I kept bandaids and meds with me all the time. If I didnt, sure enough I’d be in trouble.

Do these things happen to you? If you always have something awful come up on the way to a job interview, soccer game, or church meeting, you should keep those items on hand in your glovebox or purse. I have a mini emergency kit in my vehicle in a mini makeup bag in the glovebox. I keep some items in back or inside hidden pockets of my purse, so that certain items dont’ fly out with your wallet and land on the department store counter or floor! If you don’t have an emergency kit for yourself, make one today! Do I have to explain how this ties in to you ‘Fighting the frump’? How about if you keep a stain stick in your work vehicle or desk drawer and you spill your morning muffin on your white shirt? What’s more frumpy than stained work clothes? How about if you are going to church but your hands are scratchy and your nose is runny? Or your stomach makes ‘that’ noise and you’re on your way to a job interview? Frumpy be gone! Feisty and fun ladies rejoice!

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