Good times…

We had a good time on Sunday, we made it to the bowling alley and played nearly 2 games ( I was the last on the list and didnt get a chance to roll my last ball) for 4 people for $20. So $10 a couple, I didnt think that was too bad overall.

About halfway through the first game I could tell my hand wasn’t going to do so hot, it finally relaxed a bit, although I could feel it still yesterday hurting during my shoulder stabilizing exercises yesterday. As soon as I rolled my first practice ball, I broke my thumbnail, which I had known I needed to trim, but forgot when I was on my way out the door. There’s something about the way I drop my hand where I have to turn it back over when I roll the ball. Makes it awfully sore.

Anyway, we had a good time, we were only there an hour, but we got to know my hubby’s co-worker a little bit, and his fiance as well. We met at the holiday party, so I knew what they looked like and a little bit about them. The guy is a bit hard to ‘get’ at first, but he grows on you (yup, a bit like mold 😉 ), I think it’s that he tries really hard and that can be a bit grating on the nerves at first, but we all settled into talking comfortably.

Anyway, my husband really seems to like him and as I know he’s really needing a friend in town, I’m happy that he found a guy with a decent girl that seems easy going enough, not snobby, not ‘too good’ for anyone, etc. I really look forward to doing something with them again. We laughed a lot, they weren’t competitive, everyone really ‘awwed’ and ‘yeah’d’ appropriately with each other according to how the pins fell, it was just a very easygoing, fun, good time, and I really hope that we continue to be good ‘couple daters’ so that we all get out a little more, and we both get some sort of ‘fun’ that’s with someone besides each other. I love our ‘us’ time, but we haven’t had ‘play’ time except maybe once or twice the whole time we have been married. Mostly we have been with family or just with each other doing fun stuff. Not that that’s not fun, but I’m sure all my readers have experienced where you just want your girlfriends or guy friends to hang out with, or just an idea of something new to do.


  1. Ah yes, the idea of having a couple to go out with is nice. We know lots of people, but they are either older or have small kids like us, making it difficult to get together. We also have some great couples we know, but they live too far away to ever do anything spontaneously. I hope the four of you get out together and continue to enjoy each other’s company.

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