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My husband and I save a small amount each paycheck into a special savings account for Christmas. It’s through our credit union and they pay out in October – this year that gives us 10 months of savings we wouldn’t normally have and will keep us from overspending in December. This means that if we want to get a jump on sales, we’ll have cash in hand to do so on the black Friday sales. If we want to shop before that, we can, but at least we won’t have to worry about when we get paid and scrimp and save or use a credit card to get those great deals!

We checked the sales at Staples last year and were outside of Staples in order to try and get a computer at 5 a.m. We were about 20 people away from getting the deal on the computer. If we’d been at a larger store, we may have had a chance. I have done some successful purchasing though, buying things for myself as well as gift items, and many times I have gone with my mom to find deals on toys for grandkids. Almost everyone I know shops these sales and everyone wonders what is on sale, how to find them in the stores, and tries for several weeks to get the flyers ahead of time. Almost everyone wishes they could skip the cold and find those deals online.

For the last 2 years we’ve checked out various Black Friday websites to see where the big sales will be the day after Thanksgiving. Have you ever given a black friday or cyber monday website a look? This one allows you to shop online, skipping those waits in the cold, and sends you an alert notifying you of your favorite store posting their flyer. Finally! I could have certainly used that at 5 a.m. last black Friday! We waited outside for an hour just to get turned away at the door! I encourage you to start saving now, and check out the sales flyers when they are posted in November!

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  1. I check those -and even went online Thanksgiving night and was able to get some of the Black Friday specials via the internet (with FREE shipping)the night before! Armchair shopping -LOVE IT!

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