Things to do while waiting for a tow truck (for 5 hours)…

Apply chapstick
Apply lotion
Sing along to radio
Thank passing motorists for stopping to see if you’re okay
Watch the sun go down
Talk about a vacation somewhere warm
Take out gum that’s 5 hours old
Play with a mini tape measure that’s in the truck
Talk about baby names and all the bloggers or friends of mine expecting
Watch the moon rise
Think that if the truck was level we could play cards on the dash
Wish for a bathroom
Wish for food
Make up alternate lyrics to ‘Fishing in the Dark’ use ‘sittin’ , ‘snow’ in place of fishing and grass
Make stuffed animal (who always rides in the truck) dance to music
Play with loose change
Apply more chapstick
Try to get unstuck and get stuck more
Wonder what god has in store for us, why us, why now, why stuck for so long…
Thank God for our safety and people who actually care about us
Apologize to each other over and over again
Wish for a bathroom again
Alternately cuss and reconsider it’s mean to cuss out the insurance lady we’ll call Agent #1
Wish for food, realize that restaurants will all be closed when we get home, ponder if its worth feeling hungry anymore.. decide it’s not..
Realize that as tired as we are, we havent yawned
Wait and wait and wait..


  1. Ugh – what a nightmare! So glad you are both safe and warm and fed -and don’t blame you for still being extremely irate. What were they thinking????!!!!

  2. That doesn’t sound like much fun – I know that must be an understatement.

    Hey – I mailed the book on Saturday. I mailed it first class so it might get there a little sooner. I think you should sign up for the Oprah thing – it doesn’t start until next Monday (lottsa time).

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