Eli Stone? Anyone…

For some reason, I am loving this show. It’s like a combination of Herman’s Head, Ally McBeal and your most embarrassing moments caught on tape. In a good way, no really, I’m serious. This lawyer was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm after he starts seeing visions (such as George Michael singing ‘Faith’), an acupuncturist declares him a modern day prophet, which Stone denies, but as he hates the visions, which often leave him standing on ledges or cowering under tables at his law firm, and these visions lead him to take on certain clients and help them to resolve issues, once the issues are resolved, the visions halt, at least until someone else is in need of his help.


  1. I’ve been watching it too, I think the writer’s strike has helped it reach more people than it probably would have otherwise. I keep wanting to tell him to tone down the reactions to the visions, though — “Hey Eli, don’t hide under the conference room table! It’s not real, remember?”

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