Fun Monday – Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs!…

Sayre Smiles is hosting this week, and she writes:

Every day as I go to work, I see things around me that make me laugh. Usually these are in the forms of signs. So take your camera with you as you go about your business and take a picture of the things that make you laugh along the way.

This is one of my favorite signs that Mr. Mouse and I saw on our honeymoon. We laughed and laughed. Our picture didn’t turn out, all we got was the cow and ‘chikin’ so, here’s one I stole from the web.


  1. We don’t have Chik Fil A here, but we saw those signs on our trip to Dallas. The girls got a big kick out of them. Unfortunately, I never got a picture of those billboards or many of the other funny signs we saw. Danny refused to stop and go back so I could take pictures.

  2. We have Chick-fil-a restaurants all over Atlanta (since they are headquartered here) so we get bombarded with these signs and TV commercials. They are cute. In fact, the Chick-fil-a close to my office brings in biscuits, sandwiches, salads, etc. to the convenience store in our building so we have it available every day.

    One of the ministers in my church is the son of the man who came up with the Chick-fil-a logo.

    Where did you go on your honeymoon?

  3. Oh I miss Chick-fil-a so much that yesterday we looked up where the closest one is. We’ll have to drive 3 1/2 hours but in the next few months we will eat there. 🙂

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