Don’t be fooled…

I have any number of statistical and analytical sites operating, and I can see exactly where you are looking at my blog from. For instance, my friend KT looks at this from work, so I can see her town and the name of her workplace, server, network, etc exactly where she is (hi KT)…

So I know that there are some of you out there that aren’t commenting that have met me face to face. Speak up, speak out, and quit lurking!


  1. How do you do that? Seriously. I have site meter and google analytics but I still don’t know how to narrow it down that much. Am I doing something wrong or do you use a different program?

    I’m really curious. And god knows I’m not a lurker!!

  2. I want to experiment sometime. I check our blog from various areas, and then link to others. I haven’t tried with yours, but I can access blogs from my Blackberry. Where would it say I was at? Does anyone else use a mobile device? Anyway, I love knowing where everyone is coming from – makes me wonder how they found me. We must have lurkers too – because we can see the hits on the site meter vs. the comments. Come on by sometime…. but you better comment…. ha 🙂

  3. Hey! Hi! *jumping up and down waving arms around wildly* I’m here!

    Oh…and I’m with the rotten correspondent…how the heck do you do that?! *big dumb look on face*

  4. While I fully support the ever-growing technology of stalking your stalkers….I have to admit this seems like a huge invasion of privacy.

    Admittedly, it is interesting to see who’s reading and what part of the world they’re from. But to know where they work without them putting it out there first? I dunno….

  5. Well, most people should log in from home and not work, right? if so you’d just get their random internet provider…which could handle hundreds of thousands of people, if you log on from work, then you’re fair game..

    besides, I have readers from all over the globe, it’s not like I’m going to, you know, stalk them physically or anything?

    it was more of a come out come out wherever you are than, i’m going to hunt you down? hm… guess i’ll have to word my posts more carefully!

  6. Oh I know you weren’t planning on stalking folks. You don’t strike me as the creepy type. I’m just saying…there are some pretty unstable people out there. Let’s say someone left a comment the blogger didn’t agree with. What’s to say he won’t go to that person’s office. I know that’s a far stretch. And honestly, this can happen any day any time without the effort of bloggers.

    But there’s always that one person who takes things too far. There wouldn’t be so many school shootings out there if people were more stable and thought things through.

    But no worries, I don’t fear you!

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