My hubby brought in take and bake pizza (heart shaped), and while I leaned over the counter looking at the baking instructions, I caught a glimpse of white out of the corner of my eye. This guy ended up on my shoulder. Isn’t he cute? I got a bear for my first Valentine’s day with my hubby as well. The card says “Good times, I Love You, Bad Times, I Love You, Anytime, I Love You” and the inscription says ‘I will always love you’ — isn’t that sweet? Oh and his stuffing is made of recycled material. So he’s an eco-bear!


  1. How sweet!
    I really enjoy your blog, but don’t have time to visit as much as I would like here lately. I just wanted to come over and say Hello! I really need to get to the hospital thou. Take care!
    Thank you for all your warm wishes!
    I’m really missing all my blogging friends!

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