Fight the Frump Friday Ed. 2

Updating your casual look is easy. One simple way is to upgrade your shirt. Ratty old sweatshirt from your alma mater? Leave it for watching football. T-shirt from that bar crawl in college? Delegate that to painting your new house/shelves/antique basket collection.

Try an easy care shirt (Worthington, JC Penney) which costs in the store on average about $15-$20 if you’re buying midseason. Brand new, they MIGHT set you back $30, maybe. They are good quality, and are EASY CARE, which means that they don’t wrinkle, they are washable in your very own washing machine or laundry facility. They also come in a variety of sizes, and also come in 3/4 sleeve lengths if you’re looking for that. I’ve had several of these over the years, and I haven’t had to get rid of any due to damage or fading. In fact, they look great. Even though the laundry at state U only ran scorching hot water and dried only at blast hot, they didnt shrink.

The ones I have are patterned and cut very flatteringly as well, which hides a tummy if you have one. Yes, it takes longer to button a shirt than pull one over your head, but you also can put on this kind of shirt without messing up any makeup or hairdo you may have accomplished for the day. These shirts look great from a party with a skirt and flats, or boots and jeans. Basically they’re a wear-anytime kind of shirt. You can unbutton the top button at home to give your hubby a show of the necklace your wearing (or cleavage), and they’re nice enough to wear with suits. I’ve gotten many compliments over the years.

As for your lower half, get out of those pj pants and put on some mid rise boot cut jeans. You’ll spare yourself some ‘drag’ or ‘crack’ from sweatpants or low rise jeans and boot cut with not only allow you to wear whatever you want on your feet from boots to ballerina slippers, but it will help balance you out if you have wider shoulders and draw the eyes down away from the waist. Don’t forget a nice belt, whether it be ribbon, a ‘Targey’ cheapy or good quality leather.

It doesnt take any longer to put on jeans and a nicer shirt versus a tshirt and pj pants. Oh and for those SAHM’s out there, at least you wont have to pull puke off over your head 😉


  1. Yeah, its true that it doesn’t really take any extra time to look cute vs. dumpy when it comes to clothing… just making sure you have the right pieces to choose from!

  2. Yes it is just as easy to throw on a pair of jeans but the key is finding really comfy ones. I just got a pair of nice yoga pants and they are way more comfortable than jeans and don’t look as shabby as old pj pants or sweats!

  3. Regina

    oooh! easy care! I like it. Nothing is lamer than buying a shirt and washing it only to discover that it’s going to need a bottle of starch before I ever wear it. Where do you get your jeans? I have such a hard time finding the right rise; juniors section is too low, misses is too high. Ugh!

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I have such limited budget and clothes and feel so comfy in my T’s, yet I kow the other look is what I would like. I need to start changing my wardrobe!

    Nice blog!

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