Pensieve’s Poetic License…Tongue in Cheek Sonnet…

Ode to the love of my life
You make my heart fill with glee
May you never see strife
You’re the best you see

You know how much I like to dive in
Loving you is the best
Your sweetness dribbles down my chin
And onto my chest

Oh Pepsi you’re so sweet
No sugar, no you’re sugar free
Caffeine free is hard to beat
Safe enough for any baby

Oh pepsi you make my heart fly
I’ll drink to you until I die

Please check out the rest of the participants over at Robin’s Pensieve!


  1. I thought we might have some affection thrown at our favorite soft drinks…people are loyal, yes?

    A perfect submission for this month’s License…THANK YOU for chiming in with the rest of us!

    (Did you think writing a sonnet could be FUN??)


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