Valentine’s Day, a day for Romance?

What is romantic ?

This week heralds Valentine’s day. Some people see it as an over-blown Hallmark holiday, and some people see it as a time to express their deep, romantic love for their ‘honey’ — I kind of see it as something in between. To me, it is like any other day, but it is also a day for celebrating with extra hugs and kisses, extra snuggles, extra, well, you know. It’s a day that reminds us, apart from our anniversary, as a married couple, that we are still, you know, people. We are friends as well as lovers and partners. We’re not just teammates working on a full house, we’re a couple that bought each other stuffed animals for our first Valentine’s day, that sappy twosome that stole kisses is still inside our individual selves, not just working on a budget.

What means romance to you? To me, just hanging out and having fun ranks a full 10, over a dinner out, which would be at about an 8… I? I did my workout this morning, got cleaned up, and came down to a plate of scrambled eggs and a hot biscuit! Having breakfast that I did not have to make is so good. Right now, I’m tossing miniature marshmallows for him to catch in his mouth. My aim is getting better. For the record, marshmallows fly better than popcorn. I think I already got my present. Home cooked breakfast and some ‘silly time’ this afternoon. You can’t beat that. Now I’ll just have to find something really good for him.

So what will you do for Valentine’s day? Will you buy flowers for your guy? Send him a love letter? Will you send cupcakes to work with him, or stick a note to your baby’s diaper, not reminding him to change the little one, but reminding your love of how you got the little one in the first place? So give me your thoughts: what will you do to show your true love that you truly care about him/her this Valentine’s day? A day for Romance?


  1. My hubby and I have agreed, after last year, that we would both MUCH rather stay home and have a nice intimate meal on Valentine’s Day rather than stand in line for over an hour in some over-crowded restaurant (that we have reservations for!). And then getting sat at the table by the kitchen and the rest of the people standing in line! How could that get any LESS romantic? I felt like I was in a fish bowl! LOL

    I’m with you. We should treat every day like it’s Valentine’s Day. 🙂

  2. Hey ladies, I totally, totally agree! There is nothing better on Vday than a warm, intimate dinner at home (as laid back as possible, in my opinion!) And I do agree that it is so, soo important to have a day where you focus on your loved one and letting them know how much they mean to you. I just so happen to have the inside scoop on a fantastic contest about love and expressing love going on right now that you ladies should definitely take a quick peek at sometime; I work for Dove Chocolates (perfect for this time of year, huh? haha) and we have this contest going on right now called the “Expressions of Love” contest, where we’re basically asking ladies like you to submit their most creative ideas for letting someone know you love them…and get this, the winner will receive a 5.58cts “Baby’s Breath” diamond necklace worth $21,000!! THAT would definitely be a nice trinket to open on Vday 😉 I’d definitely love to have some ladies like you who really do care about Valentine’s day enter, so feel free to go to and leave your most creative submission!
    We also have these ridiculously adorable customizable boxes of chocolates available for Vday this year, so if you’re trying to think of cute gift ideas, definitely take a look 😉
    Thank you ladies, hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and let me know if you enter! :0)

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