Fight the Frump Friday Ed. 1

Today’s Fight the Frump Friday, hosted by Fussypants is about jewelry.

Do you wear too little or too much? Do you shine when you go out, or do you look like you’re trying to help guide a plane down the runway?

If you tend to overdo, here’s a simple step, look in the mirror, and take off one item, a bracelet, downplay the earrings from shiny to subtle, or remove an unnecessary ring.

If you tend to underdo, look at yourself in the mirror, are you wearing jewelry at all? If not, slip in a simple pair of hoop earrings, simple studs if you have a baby in the ‘grabbing’ stage. Wear your watch. It’s practical. Don’t forget your wedding ring. This is the time if it doesnt fit to slip your husband the suggestion to have it resized. It would be a good valentines day present. For most times, if you’re staying home, earrings and your ring and watch are good enough. If you’re wearing a lower neckline, sneak a necklace on too.

My favorite tip? Buy a nice simple chain. Sterling silver or gold, or get both, whatever your preference, as long as they dont turn you green, it doesnt matter how much it costs. Work within your budget. THEN!!! This is important, now, go to your favorite store or stores and look for simple pendants to interchange depending on the color of your clothing. Even a discount store such as WalMart or Target has nice looking smooth stones, often with holes in them or with hooks in them already. I have purchased them for under a dollar a piece from the craft section in some instances, but get GREAT compliments about them. Just ask for the beads section if you can’t find them. They’re there. For something a bit dressier, forget ‘princess’ (gag) and focus on classical and simple, like the filagree below. The more classical and simple something is, the more items you can wear it with.


  1. Thanks for stopping by!

    I agree – getting rid of something is a GREAT excuse for buying more!

    Oh – and I notice you’ve read a lot of the Kathy Reichs books – I’ve been considering them, as I’m in need of a new series (Tired of waiting for the next Evanovich). Do you reccommend them? I’m a fan of Bones, although I never get to watch it anymore.


  2. At one time I probably overdid it. Now I seem to have developed allergies to a lot of my jewelery. So I have gone completely the other way and can wear nothing!

  3. If it weren’t for that darling bundle of joy . . .I’m limited to my wedding ring and MAYBE some stud earrings. He’s a Grabber.

  4. All I wear is my wedding ring–need to shine that up too now that I’m thinking about it. I never used to feel “dressed” without at least earrings and a cute necklace…what happened? Great idea for FtF!

  5. I usually just wear my watch, which I love and makes me feel like I don’t need any more. Though lately I’ve been diggin’ the macrame choker my daughter made for me for Christmas! I’m flaky with jewelry, but usually underdo it.

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