Family ties, food peculiarities and #10

Okay, now today you get something out of my brain, I know, I know, it’s a scary place to go, but it’s been a while, so here goes…

Family Ties– the cast of family ties had a reunion on the Today show this morning. I was absolutely crushed and enraged and saddened by Michael J. Fox’s appearance on the show. Crushed, well because way back when the show was going on, he seemed like this cute (but definitely way too old for me) guy with some kind of weird ideas. I imagine that way back when I probably watched the show because I had a crush on him. Big shock there. Okay, enraged, because for the love of God (and I do love God), there are these awful people in our government that don’t think to use what is technically medical waste (such as umbilical cords) for testing and possibly cure finding for diseases such as the one that afflicts him. Saddened, because, well, it is just sad, it’s a progressive disease that will eventually take his life, he’s got to be super medicated to live a halfway normal life, and well, it just doesnt seem fair.

Food peculiarities and #10 (together) – I like to smell a lot of foods — that I won’t eat. I’m probably the least adventurous food wise of anyone in this blog world. I started eating rice in college. Just wild rice at first, then I was okay with white. I still don’t like brown. See, I didnt eat rice until college. I didnt eat yogurt until about a year ago. See? Peculiar. I ate polenta once in a restaurant and wasn’t enthused, but I’d try it again. I tried something with blue cheese in it. I hated it, but I ate around it and smiled. See. Peculiar. I love harvesting all kinds of food, I like looking for wild mushrooms but I dont want to eat them. I like picking asparagus, but forget eating it. Peppers, very rarely am I going to eat something like that. Happy to pick them, watch them grow, but definitely not eating them. I hate raw veggies the most. Veggies should be cooked down beyond recognition. Forget tender crisp. Forget blanching. Must be soggy. Oh and I HATE lettuce. I can’t eat salad. Unless you count crutons. Tonight, I had Chinese food for the SECOND time in my life. In honor of the Chinese new year. I thought, hey, my husband LOVES the stuff, he hasn’t had it except on lunches out in all the time we’ve been married, and I was having food delivered to my door. Can’t beat it. Let me make this clear, the Schwan’s man came today. You just tell him what you want off of the truck, hand him the money and he gives you food. Awesome. You can prepare it when you want and you don’t have to worry about delivery drivers getting through the snow on a day like today. In the oven, the food smelled good. Broccoli beef. When I got it up to my nose, my stomach turned over. When I ate it, it wasn’t bad. I hate broccoli. Anyway, I let my husband eat most of the food, I took a couple of taster bites and then ate a piece or two of the beef, a few bites of broccoli, and about a half cup of rice. Then I made a pizza. So sue me! I tried! I did! I’m proud of me. I imagine my husband is completely astounded. I’ve been working on different foods, I’ll try them if they show up on my plate. I won’t spit them out, I will chew them and drink a lot of water if necessary, but I will try.

#10 Fear less. Try more. Do more.


  1. I’m sorry I missed the Family Ties reunion. Back in my old life I worked on that show and have the best memories ever of it. I agree about MJF. It’s very sad to watch him as his disease progresses.

    Okay, I have to ask. What do you eat?

  2. hee hee…I had to giggle as I read that you’re picky. I am, without a doubt, the pickiest person I know. Wild rice? No way. Brown rice? Uh uh. Broccoli? I just might gag. And if something I don’t like touches something that I do like? I won’t be eating the part that it touched. I also don’t like my food to touch. My mom drives me crazy when we eat together. It looks as though she put her food in a bowl, mixed it up and then dumped it out on a plate. I can’t even watch. LOL Hmm…maybe I have problems. 😉 Nah!!!

  3. I LOVE Family Ties – and I agree on the whole research thing. Politicians are awful!

    Good for you on working on #10 – I don’t have problems with any of the foods you mentioned – sometimes I wish I did, as the waistline might be smaller?!?? When I was a kid I used to do the wash it down with water thing – because Mom made us TRY everything!

  4. Ha! The food stuff made me laugh because I am also extremely picky. The hard thing is trying to raise Harper not to be picky when I am so picky myself. Easier to name the foods I will eat than the ones I will not — although many vegetables and I have come a long way, lots of fruit grosses me out though. I have issues with the texture of foods.

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