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When I get a chance, I like to test this recipe on my husband. I think I’ve made it for him about 3 times now. I made it for Fat Tuesday last night, as it has shrimp in it, something a little coastal like… I added a little red pepper flake this time, to make it a bit “cajun”…

Anyway, I’m one of those people that can look at 12 recipes, and then get out my own stuff and tinker with it and make something pretty good. I dont know how I got this gift, because my mom seems to do stuff either by recipe or pretty much the same way every time…

olive oil
Pre-cooked deveined shrimp
salt and pepper
red pepper flake
tomatoes (6 small romas, or 1 can with juice)
onion (1/4 large onion)
garlic (2 cloves or t tsp minced)
mushrooms (small can or 4 oz fresh chopped)
worcestershire sauce
favorite type of pasta, cooked and drained

Turn the water on for the pasta in a large pot, and cook, according to package directions. Add enough olive oil to coat the bottom of a large skillet. Meanwhile, thaw frozen shrimp according to package directions (I had to run water over mine for 5 minutes). Chop tomatoes (or empty can) and drop into pan. Repeat with mushrooms, onions and garlic. Add worcestershire sauce and other seasonings, to taste. Basically, I just sprinkle each spice over the top of the veggies until it looks right. Allow these to cook until the tomatoes and mushrooms are soft. At this point, I tended to the pasta and pulled the tails off of the shrimp. Add the shrimp and cook for 5 minutes or until shrimp are curled and look shiny and pink. Serve over cooked pasta or rice.

I would say that you could also add pretty much anything like beans or other veggies and change up the spices to your liking. I would also suggest stewed tomotoes or tomatoes with green chiles.

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