Fun Monday -The Bucket List

Tiggerlane is our hostess: She says: have you heard of The Bucket List? Well, that’s what I want from you! Make a list of things you want to do before you die. It must be at least five items – and you can make it as long as you desire. Photos are optional. And let’s hear about some of the wackiest, most bizarre to-do’s on your Bucket List!

I’ll have to start out saying that I’ve done a lot of the things that I wanted to do when I first started out. I wanted to go to college, I wanted to get married to the love of my life. Those things really count. At this point in time, I feel pretty complete, but I’m sure my bucket list will grow and change over the years.

1. Pull a slot machine lever.
2. Fly on an airplane.
3. Vacation in the sun.
4. Re-visit Niagara Falls, with spouse (winter).
5. Maintain and improve fitness levels throughout lifetime.
6. Get back in touch with a HS foreign exchange student friend, Leo.
7. Give away hair for Locks of Love.
8. Own a house with my husband.
9. Complete Blog 365
10. Fear less. Try more. Do more.


  1. I like your list: straightforward and do-able. Also about your comment on my blog, I actually earned my masters last semester but they told me some garbage about how the ice storm kept them from getting revisions back to me, so they won’t actually award it to me until May. I agree 100% with your statement, but I need it so I don’t have to work where I’m going to school. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Excellent list, but I have to say that number 10? That would take care of ALL the other ones – and it’s definitely the way to live your life.

  3. OOH! Locks of love – that is a good one.

    I had really long hair and had it cut short in 1996 – and wish that I had saved that hair. That was before giving hair was so accessible.

  4. Oh – I meant to add…when you do ever fly in an airplane, make sure you change plans in Las Vegas. They have slot machines in the airport!!

  5. Agree with you about re-visit to Niagra Falls–except I’d choose the fall–very beautiful. In your case though, the memories might be better in the winter. Good luck with that.

    Start a bucket list with some slot winnings–you’re a genius!

  6. No.2 was one of mine for a long time. I finally did it going on my honeymoon!

    Here’s a tip, fly in the smallest aircraft you can find. I flew in a not-quite microlite shortly after. It’s so much more invigourating.

  7. Excellent list, I love number 10 and I like that you mention you’ve already achieved some of your most important goals – it’s important to remember that when we’re all striving after the next thing. Thanks for sharing and dropping by.

  8. Great List!

    I’ve never been to Niagara Falls so that is on my list of places to visit when we decide to tour the u.s.

    #10 is good – takes care of the rest.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m trying to figure out where I want the story to go right now and working on the 2nd draft. The characters want to go in a different direction than I want them to and we are having a fight right now. 🙂 (kooky)

    Robin of mytwoblessings

  9. I’ve never heard of locks of love but it’s such a good idea.
    I would love to see Niagara in the winter~ from the photos I’ve seen it would be an amazing sight! I loved it when I did a summer visit.

  10. Awesome list!

    I donated to Locks of Love about a year and a half ago. SIXTEEN INCHES was cut off in one second. I went from almost waist length hair to chin length hair. I had grown my hair out for two years just to experience that feeling for Locks of Love. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  11. Niagara Falls should definitely be on my list. There are so many wonderful places in the US that I still need to visit! Thanks for participating!

  12. I’m going next week to have my hair cut for Locks of Love.
    We have a little girl in our town that can’t grow hair. They use to give her shots in her head for 2 year, but it didn’t help. She is sixteen now and has to wear a wig.

  13. Great list!! I am growing my hair for Locks of Love right now. It’s long enough but I think I’m gonna let it grow a little bit more!!

  14. That is a good list, and one that can be done, especially the slot machine lever. I think Blog 365 is very attainable and you will know in less than 11 months that you could do it. I especially like your last one.

  15. Pulling a slot machine lever isn’t what it is cracked up to be…unless you win 🙂

    I’ve flown before, and been to Niagara Falls…before I was married.

    I need to get back to that fitness level too.

    We own a house…ok the bank owns it but I live in it and call it my home.

    I LOVE #10!!

    I hope you get to do all in your Bucket List!!

  16. Hi, I’ve visited before, I think, from AOJ’s blog. I’ve never seen Niagra Falls. Our grandaughter has grown 12″ for Locks of Love, and is starting all over again. Cool, huh?
    Nice to visit-

  17. Great List! Love your top four…they were on mine originally, but since I’m kinda old now…had to cross them off! You will LOVE Vegas….it is indeed something to see. #10 is my favorite for sure!

  18. OH! and sitting on the floor means that I am on the ground level, sitting near the bench or something…I won’t get stomped on in my human form. ;o)

  19. You remind me that I’d like to try to get in touch with several people who have fallen off my personal radar for one reason or another….I love your list. visit me at eastwardcatholicsoldiers dot wordpress dot com or write raising3saints at seamsheavenly dot com!

  20. Sounds like you need a trip to Vegas 🙂 I’ve never been to Niagara Falls and it’s my list of to-do’s too 🙂 Along with Blog365 and #10! GReat list!

  21. I want to give my hair to Locks of Love sometime too. It is still growing out.

    Flying on a plane is not bad at all. 😉

    Love your list.

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