Holy Farkin Sh$#

Okay, we’re cruising through the Superbowl, and I turned to my husband and said, wouldn’t it be awesome if Manning just, you know, threw it down there and they got a touchdown..

Then we’re both like no way, that wouldn’t happen, not with 2 minutes left, but it would be cool.

Then, there it is, I feel it before it happens, and I scream like a little girl, like a former cheerleader is proud to do. WOOOHOOOO!!!!

I’m a little calmer now, but I dont normally have something like that happen to me, I say something and voila it happens…

holy farkin sh$# how cool is that? Regardless of how the game turns out, that was awesome! I’m glad Burress got the TD as well, as he’d been injured and not gotten a lot of ‘play’ so to speak.. cool.


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