What do you call it when one bird eats another bird? Cannibalism? Animalism? Hmm..
If you know, please pass on the valuable information to me…

Note: It’s a cranberry bed until harvest time, then it’s flooded and it’s a cranberry bog…

Note: I know that people are psycho about naming their kids, but really.. If you already have girls named Ashlyn and Anastyn, do you really have to name the new one Alivayn? How do you even pronounce that anyway? (please dont comment with an answer-just try it)

Note: I want a cookie. Or cake, everybody loves cake.

Note: Giants don’t have a chance of winning- hope the commercials are good.

Note: I still want a cookie.


  1. Anastyn is just freaky. It reminds of a feminine ‘itch’ product. Just say it, omg.

    People always trying to be cool with their kid’s names…makes you wonder if they say them out loud before name their offsprogs!

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