Boring, boring…

Is anyone else sick and tired and of there being nothing but reruns on our television? I mean I’m all for re-runs during holidays and such, but this is ridiculous, isn’t it? We’re into February and some of the shows still haven’t come on.

Back before 2001, shows used to come on during August and stay on, except during holidays through the winter, and up until May at least. Now they come on in September or October, take a longer break during holidays, and end earlier than before. That’s before the writer’s strike…

I’m all for people getting their money’s worth, but if the rest of us mere mortals went on strike, the only thing that would be influenced would be our jobs, they would be gone. We’d be at home, watching tv… wait, what was my point again, oh yeah, get over it already, give those folks some money and put our shows back through again, please?


  1. I also noticed the declining number of episodes per season (before the writer’s strike) and wondered aloud about in front of the hubby one night. He said that it was because shows were spending more per episode, basically making them “mini movies”, and there just wasn’t enough time to write/film/edit/add special effects to make the usual 20-30 episodes per season. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have more new episodes in not-as-good quality than just a few in super-duper movie quality!

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