Shaq Attack’ed’?…Extravagance to the max…

Here’s the link to the state of Shaq’s finances. His wife is filing for divorce. Me thinks he is going to have to trim a little bit off of his cable bill in order to be able to afford it.
The man makes 1.8 million a month and spends around half of it $875,015 A MONTH in bills, presumably the remaining (works on calculator frantically) $924,985 goes in the bank, to gifts, children’s toys, and the other ‘little’ things in life.
The totals include: $156,116 mortgages (3) plus $31,299 in homeowners insurance; $3,345 phone; $1,610 lawn/pool maintenance; $12,775 groceries; $10,065 electricity, $1,495 cable TV; $5,000 for 3 cars (owns at least 6); $24,300 gas; $6,730 dry cleaning; $17,220 clothing; $2,305 pets and $110,505 vacations. Child care $26,500 for 6 kids 4 theirs, 1 each his and hers. Add to this now he pays $10,000 a month in child support and another 10 for alimony. Property taxes cost him $903,132 presumably a year or $75,261 per month.
Okay, I get that you might want more than one house, but even if you’re living in a mansion, you still have 2 homes that shouldnt be drawing anything electric, cable, or otherwise than enough to keep the major appliances plugged in year round, until you arrive there. Presumably these other 2 houses are vacation homes, but at the very least? almost $1500 a month for cable? Good lord. We pay $90 for basic cable AND internet. Even adding sports packages into that, why pay for that much cable in three houses you barely use? Same thing in gasoline? jeez! If you drive to the airport to go to games and back, if your spouse goes about her daily life, how could you spend more than $1000 in gasoline a month, even if you put gas in 6 cars, you can’t run 6 cars out of gas that much if you’re on the road working all the time. The big thing though, Umm.. really, you are paying almost $30,000 a MONTH for child care? You have a spouse who DOESNT have to work, you could get a live in nanny to help with your kids, and there’s no way you’d reach that much. Presumably most of them are in school all day, even if you need after school care if your spouse DOES choose to work (more power to her), how could you NEED that much child care? Besides that, almost $2 grand a month on pets? 3 grand in phone bills? who are they calling the pope? and the grocery bill, what are you feeding those kids? $10,000 would take care of most kids for a VERY long time. So they’re getting fed and taken care of presumably in one of the three houses, plus another $20K for child support and alimony.. I am not seeing the downside for the wife and kids here. Except the obvious broken home part. Even then, if daddy is gone for most of the time anyway, how is it going to be much different?
And she wants MORE money? Give me a break. Granted, they both seem to be spendy spendy, wasteful even, that much money going down the drain. Sure, making the economy flow around them, but jeez, I’d love to know some of the other stars’ extravagances. Anyone have any ideas about that? Who else spends that much on groceries, or electricity, cable, or phone?
Any of you? Any of you want to line up to be the next Mrs. Shaq, sell a couple of those houses, drop those bills down to nothing for a bit and then file for divorce yourself? You’d be a millionaire!


  1. I read an article about these expenses the other day. How the heck do you spend $6,730 PER MONTH for dry cleaning? That’s an average of $224 per day. How is that even possible? You can only wear so many clothes a day and it certainly doesn’t cost that much to dry clean an outfit or two for each day does it?

    I used to work for a domestic law firm and we represented high profile clients, celebrities, professional athletes, etc. I saw some crazy budgets in my seven years there, but never anything like this.

  2. Wait, wait, wait, wait….$17000 ON CLOTHES EVERY MONTH?!?!?!?! EVERY MONTH????? Does he treat his clothes as disposable, like he buys them, wears them once and then throws them away? But then what about the nearly $7000 on dry cleaning bills?!?! This is just unbelievable to me. $110000 on vacations every month?! WTF? Doesn’t this guy play basketball? Does he ever go to a game? How can you spend that much on vacations and still work?!

    I have to go sit down. My head is spinning!

    And yes, like you, I would LOVE to see other stars’ budgets!

  3. I have no idea why I’m blogging….clearly I need to be washing the undies for some of these people….or babysitting their kids for 30K a month!!!! Good heavens….there are starving children in this world. Even if I were that rich, I don’t think I could live so frivolously.

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