Oh what a tangled web we weave…

…when at first we practice to deceive…

I wrote some time ago about some craziness with a former employer I had in another lifetime. Search for it, go ahead, I’ll wait. Yeah, right, okay anyway, the point is that this person didn’t listen to a thing I said, and THEN attempted to say that a former co-worker had just gotten me all steamed, that my ‘behavior’ — read “the true, trustworthy, honest stuff” I emailed the boss, about you know, like “not being a micromanager-because you are” in an email, was all this co-worker’s fault, and gave her a negative WORK evaluation, with this and nothing else being the basis..umm. wha?

All I will say is that this is being taken care of. I giggle at the thought. The evaluation is going to have to be re-done. There is some justice in the world.

This should be a warning to all: don’t lie, cheat, or treat your subordinates like shit. Somehow, some way, they will make you pay.


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