7 Things about me.. Me Me….

Karina has recently divulged some interesting facts about her and wants to know about me. Here goes! The Rules: 1. List 7 random things about yourself. 2. Tag 7 people and … 3. leave a comment on his/her blog letting the recipient know of the tag.

1. I was born with brown eyes, not blue like most babies. I had blond hair until about 1st grade and then it began to darken. I’ve only had color put in it once, last year a few highlights. I really liked it.

2. I’m growing my hair out, I’m not sure how commited I am to it, but hey, for now, it’s shaggy.

3. I have always tried to improve myself. I went out for a beauty pageant (not a beauty) to try and take away some of my shyness. I quit wearing a watch because I thought I was too ‘type A’ and it was rude to keep looking at my watch, but I couldnt quit!

4. I often see things from other people’s points of view and am very empathetic.

5. I’m very opinionated, but only on certain issues, and I don’t often share because most people I know are also very opinionated, but they aren’t open to other opinions (read: assholes). The people I know that aren’t the same way are either far away or have blogs, not that I have met them. Except my husband, he listens to my opinions. He doesnt have a choice 🙂

6. If I could do anything in the world, I’d really like to help people with their résumés.

7. I bless myself if no one is there to bless me when I sneeze.

Time to tag:

Megnificent (because she’s new and I don’t know much about her)

Give It A Try (because she’s back from a hiatus)

That Chick over There (because she’ll need a heavy break after the story she’s telling)

Rotten Correspondent (because I know they’ll be good!)

Am.I.Mental (because I want to know more)

KTJRDN (because I probably know a lot about her, but not enough)

Media Addiction (because she’s another young blogger)


  1. I followed you over from Momisodes. I was interested in what you had to say about your diet and the effects of certain foods. It sounded like me talking! I think I’ve got this figured out – I suspect very strongly an intolerance to fructose. I’m still in the testing phase, but feeling better after just one day of avoiding fructose. If you’d like more information please e-mail me. I hate to see anyone as miserable as I’ve been. And when you spend so much time with the toilet you don’t get your proper exercise or enough sunlight or even the interaction with other people that is so necessary to life. (Laugh – that last bit was supposed to be funny.)

  2. Thanks for tagging me! That was a super fun surprise. Check out my post–I used the meme for today. Always helps for Blog365! I appreciate you leaving comments, too. It’s fun to know SOMEONE is reading.

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