Yoga in the Classroom?…

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Our precious educational dollars are now being taken up by giving kids ‘yoga’ time to allow them to ‘relax’ because they’re so ‘anxious’… bite me. Seriously. Even 3 year olds are supposedly overtly anxious and in a high stress world when they leave the Pre-K classroom. If you’ve overscheduled your own kid, cut down on their activities. That’s easy. You got them into it, you get them out. Why waste educational dollars on teaching them to ‘relax’ — that’s what a parent is supposed to do. That’s like teaching them self esteem in the classroom–usually for doing a crappy job at something. Way to draw a circle! (really it looks like a square, but no big deal you did a great job)…That’s BS. As a parent, you should teach your kid relaxation techniques — go out and play, you can do your homework later. see? easy. Or, to teach them responsibility, as soon as you do your homework and I’ve checked to make sure it’s done right, then you may go play. You’re teaching them responsibility and relaxation at the same time.

Yes, if your kid is overscheduled, I think you should cut out an activity. Chess club and FAA and Junior achievers and Basketball and Honors and Choir and all that is not necessary. Pick one or two that they really enjoy and allow them to excel in THOSE. That means school and extracurricular. Pick one or two. THEN if they are asking to do more, their grades are good, THEN add something else on. This is a parent’s responsibility, not the responsibility of taxpayers to pay for yoga when a parent should be doing this at HOME!


  1. Oh, to let a kid be a kid…wouldn’t that be something? I think we’ve lost track of what childhood is supposed to be nowadays, it’s sad really.

    By the way, I’ve tagged you over at my place!

  2. I hear ya on the over and misuse of tax dollars in the classrooms. Here, in 8th grade, they have a special class to teach the kids how to brush their teeth. And in high school, you MUST take Foods 2 and learn to cook an egg. It’s not just dumb, it’s stupid.

  3. I hear ya! It seems the school tries to be the parents and some parents use it as a cop out to get by with not being a parent and all this frustrates those parents that try to be a good parent.

  4. hee hee. My oldest is starting yoga in school today. But not to worry it is extracurricular and we paid for the class! It is just offered on site as an addition to extended day.

  5. If yoga was a part of their phy ed to teach about phy ed. Fine. But to use it to destress kids, that’s from something at home not school I would think! I think it is important for the schools to have a good phy ed program because so many families don’t exercise. I read a statistic the other day 8 out of 10 adults don’t do anything in the form of exercise on a regular basis.

    My sil last year got really upset with her daughter’s school. Her whole class was not getting fractions and decimals. A note was even sent home from the teacher that said they needed extra practice at home. And with that note it said there would be no math and science for the next week because they had a week program to do on… get this… “feelings”! A week!!!

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