We are… Marshall… We are…

We are Marshall is a great film (released in the US in 2006) similar to Remember the Titans (2000). Anthony Mackie truly is the star of this film and does a great job portraying the injured player who doesn’t take the plane ride that killed his teammates, coaches and many others. He feels compelled to build the team back up again, and elicits a response from the student body at Marshall, resurrecting from the ashes of a tragedy, a legend in their own right. Injured, he continues to play, remembering his teammates and forming a team with the spirit of all his fallen comrades. For anyone who likes football, this is a great movie.

The movie was inspired by actual events: Southern Airways Flight 932 was a chartered Southern Airways DC-9 commercial jet flying from Kinston, NC (ISO) to the Huntington-Tri-State/Milton Airport (HTS) in Ceredo, West Virginia. At 7:35 PM on November 14, 1970, the aircraft crashed into a hill just short of the Tri-State Airport, killing all seventy-five on board. The plane was carrying the thirty-seven members of team, eight members of the coaching staff, twenty-five boosters, four flight crew members, and one employee of the charter company.

Because it was the team’s only chartered flight of the season, many boosters and prominent citizens were on the plane, including a city councilman, a state legislator, and four of the city’s six physicians. Seventy children lost one parent in the crash, and an additional 18 were orphaned. Taken from IMDB trivia.


  1. I remember when this happened.
    I have a tough time watching movies about real events that made me cry then, and will make me cry now.

    Today we went to see The Bucket LIst.

    I really enjoyed it. And, I cried.

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