Book you must read before the end of 2008

Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of Trash -Elizabeth Royte ISBN 0-316-73826-3 (copyright 2005)

I nominated this for a University’s mandatory freshmen reading. Blurb written by me follows:

“Garbage Land” challenges one to a day-to-day thought process regarding his/her own individual waste. Through extensive research, including following her personal garbage, recycling, and, yes, even sewage through the environment to their final resting places, Royte explores the ecological challenges that have existed in the past and the impact on the global economy and environment today. The author delves just deeply enough into each subject to provide for unlimited discussion topics on multiple societal levels. It begs the question, where does YOUR garbage go? Touching on areas such as economics, sociology, global issues, politics, and practically every science, this book brings ‘Environmental Sustainability’ to a much deeper, more personal level.

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