Here it is.. the dress, the hair, the cleavage…

Hey the pictures add about 10 lbs… give or take 10.. but hey, with the heels on, I looked good! I could tell that I was getting jealous looks from a lot of the women, and my husband said that a coworker spent most of the time looking at my cleavage… giggle. oh well! I felt great and felt like I looked great. I had to lose the garter belt and stockings because they wouldnt stay connected and where they were supposed to be. So I peeled them off in the truck before heading in. My hubby approved and I put them on later for a little show and tell. He appreciated it. A lot more than the magician hired for ‘entertainment’ (yawn). Thanks for the good words about the hair. I just added a bit of curl to the front. Well, it’s about time to retire to bed for the evening. It’s -2 “feels like” -20″ outside. Brr!


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