Let it snow…

about the time we got back into Iowa it had started to snow.. it’s still snowing and there was already about 2 inches on the ground…

My hubby just threw some corn out on the ground and the little rabbit who went away disappointed about 10 minutes ago is back and goin’ to town eating on the ear. That makes me happy as what WAS on the ground is all covered in snow and they’d have to dig to get to it otherwise… rabbit paws aren’t meant to dig too much! Not as far as I’m concerned anyway!

I’ll post some extended weekend pics in the coming week. We had a good time but were ready to be back home.


  1. I wanna come and see real snow! Glad you had a good time and glad you are back home safe. I’m also glad the little rabbit found the corn, I bet that was neat to see. Can’t wait for pics.

  2. When ever I hear about rabbits and Cedar Rapids in the same place I smile – cause you get to “See da Wabbits!” I’m sure you hear that all the time – I know my uncle and and aunt who also live there do… Welcome home!

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