Fun Monday – Pets Pets Pets

Our Hostess Lisa’s Chaos says: Let’s meet your pets. I think most of us have at least one pet and I would like to see your fluffy or scaly pal. If you don’t have a camera you can tell us about him/her/them. If you don’t have a pet tell us about a pet you had or a pet you want. If for some weird reason you hate all animals we want to know why gosh-dang-it.

I will tell you about 2 former pets and 2 pets my parents have now. The closet thing we have to a pet right now is ‘plant’ who is a mix of different philadendron type plants and lives with us. ‘Plant’ seems very happy right now, and he/she does not potty on the rug, so we’re happy with that!

The first pets I will tell you about are my parents 2 black labs, Willie and Cole. They joined the family May ’06 as squirmy little 25 lb lumps. They had been living in a grass-free yard with their 9 brothes and sisters. My parents wanted me to go with them to help pick out a dog (no idea why-except that I trained the other 2 dogs that we had so)… anyway, they wanted male dogs as to no puppies later on. My hubby went along as well, and there was a female that danced around my husband a lot, but that was a no go. There was also a skinny little thing that kept putting his paws all over us, loving up to us, etc. My parents were looking for a bigger pup though. So dad told my hubby to pick up the one that was pestering us, and he went up and selected a large headed pup who was snoozing on the porch and ignoring us. They took two! I thought they were nuts, but whatever. I think my mom agreed. Until they got home for a while. We talked about naming them all the way home, mutt and jeff, batman and robin, silly stuff. I personally still call them arf and barf. Not that they barf in particular, it’s just something kind of funny. Hey you want me to let arf and barf out?… Anyway, Willie and Waylon is what they were going to be called (after country musicians.. ) but Dad decided he didnt like Waylon after all, so Cole became the big guy’s moniker. We had to dump Cole out of the transport finally because he was hiding in there. Kerflump, and he landed. Willie had gotten out and was already exploring his new home, and GRASS for the first time in his life. Willie still climbs all over you and tries to lick you, and Cole is still more reserved. Willie likes to curl up on rugs and stays in the kitchen with mom, Cole lies to hide in his plastic ‘carrier’ (who can carry an 80ish pound dog anyway)– or in between the doorways so he can see what’s going on, but not be ‘in’ on the action. They have fairly good manners, and as they are nearing their second birthday, it’s even better. They have settled down quite a bit. Here’s a pic of the 2 of them ‘sharing’ a present from my hubby and I – that lasted about a week before it was in pieces and chewed up. Willie’s on the left, Cole on the right. More in following posts…


  1. I LOVE that picture, it’s priceless! My husband and I always talk about getting a black or yellow lab but just haven’t done it yet. Not sure Mushu could take sharing the limelight.

  2. Oh, I love them. We had a black lab when we weer little. His name was Bandit, just like our black dog now. I like to keep things simple!

  3. They are adorable and they are huge also…maybe Zack isn’t such a freak of nature!! Your parents must have been crazy to get litter mates!!

  4. I cannot even tell you how loud I laughed about plant not pooping on the rug. LOUD, that’s all I’m going to say. Loud enough that I’m glad my office manager is gone for the day because I should be working, not blog-hopping.

    The labs are beautiful!

  5. Love that bone! It’s huge!
    Our new pups are from the same litter also except they are sisters.One is more laid back and the other is more in your face like you described.

  6. Beautiful labs!! And it’s nice that they share so well, but I’m sure that they are VERY bonded to each other!! My husband would prefer to have a pet “plant”…but I’m a dog lover!! Cute photo with the bone!

  7. We had rats when I was a kid and I named them Furd & Turd. Not so far off, huh? Great minds think alike.

    I lurve this pix. I also had a black lab in my teen years: Misty. We used to joke that she didn’t get her brain cells until after age 2, but man did we love that dog. She passed at the age of 15, and now (15 yrs later) I still have her pix up in our house. Labs are special (sometimes more like special ed, but special).

  8. OH these 2 are just so cute! I think it is great they are sharing! Amazing. Black, Yellow, Chocolate you just can’t go wrong with a lab!

  9. Aw, I love labs. I once had a yellow lab that was more of a white color. His name was Gus (after Robert Duvall’s character in Lonesome Dove). Willie and Cole are beautiful!
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