Scratch and Dent Appliance Center…

Cruising down the road this evening, I see a sign I’ve never seen before: Scratch and Dent Appliance Center, I read out loud to my hubby who is driving.. with awe and reverence in our voices, we both say “cool” at the same time..
and then laugh our asses off.. see, all gone! No more ass to laugh off! Who would think that was cool besides us? We’ve gotten scratch and dent furniture before, you can’t tell, and once you move at least once there’s a scratch on something anyway, so yeah, we both think scratch and dent is a good deal (usually the place will give you major discounts for minor imperfections)…

We got an ottoman to match our rocking chair (green fabric on both) because someone didnt buy the ottoman with theirs, the ottoman fabric is a half a shade darker than the chair, if we didnt know it, we’d think that it matched.. we also got a bookcase scratch and dent, again, you can’t tell. Both items were multiple tens if not a hundred dollars off. We also got a pair of bedside tables scratch and dent for at least half price, heavy heavy oak furniture type. The one had a small scratch on the bottom side that goes by the bed anyway, and the other had some minor discoloration (covered by a lamp).. umm score!

This is a good thing for anyone looking to invest in a new freezer, fridge, washer and dryer, etc. There are always scratch and dent, discontinued, “open box” models at a large discount place such as Sears. I’ve looked several times you can save from $50-several hundred dollars because something had been opened before or it has a minor imperfection in the finish. Crazy stuff.

Cool stuff. Cool.


  1. We have a similar thing over here, they are called “graded goods” and I have a washing machine, oven and hob from the shop and saved myself a fortune. The cooker and hob don’t have a mark on them, the boxes they were packed in were damaged is all!

  2. I have never seen anything like that here, but what a great idea! Our dryer has a dent in it and I think we got $50 off – we don’t have a 1st floor laundry, and even if we did it isn’t something you can really see!

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