Caucus Update…

So by now everyone knows who won, I just want to say that I was VERY disappointed at how the newscasters in our area handled the coverage. They were trying SO HARD to make it different every time, that by 10 pm, they were complaining how some of the candidates had left already…

Seriously… dude? The one person who you didn’t‘ go negative on (gee, are you showing YOUR political preference here?) gave a speech at 9:55 pm… the rest had already given their little speeches an hour beforehand… and you guessed it — headed for New Hampshire.. no big surprise there, but there was a LOT of negative overtone, what, like the rest of them are going to stick around and ‘party’ — why ‘party’ ?!? They either won or ‘lost’ if you can call it that, and are moving on to the next state. The only person we heard that had actually LOST was Chris Dodd, he dropped out of the race totally according to our news station, but according to them as well, taking third place on one side of the race is pathetic and on the other side, it’s ‘really good’ dude, really? I’m sorry, can you say percentages? I think that they were all hopped up on who they wanted to win that they couldn’t for the life of them keep their little mouths shut about their own political opinion… you’re a PROFESSIONAL. Do you job and keep your vote to yourself. In all my years (yeah, shut up, but I’ve seen a lot of political coverage)– I have never been so disappointed in the news coverage given by a local station. KCRG, you need to straighten up, report the facts (not your opinion – not negative spin) as they stand.


  1. I completely agree with you on that. I also just heard on the radio that Biden has officially pulled out of the race as well. Um do Biden and Dodd not know there are fifty states? Do they not have maps?


  2. I had to work last night so didn’t caucus and only followed it over the internet. I guess that was the best way to go (the internet, not missing the caucus).

  3. We are hearing a lot about your caucus on our news. I have to confess to not really understanding your election system very well. To me it seems quite complicated!

  4. We were discussing this around the house this morning.

    My 14 year old commented that caucus sounds like what you scrape off the bottom of your shoes… and that it’s really weird how the candidates scrape the dust of Iowa off their shoes and just LEAVE after the caucus. And can you think of a weirder way to elect our next president?

    We really do have a weird system in the US, huh?

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