Caucus, Caucus, We Wanna Caucus…

Okay I waited all day, and here’s the scoop: Caucusing IS cool and easy.
I won’t tell you who I voted for, because it’s none of your business. But I will
say that everyone was friendly and considerate, and that it was kind of like waiting in line at a very calm grocery store, except you can sit and you don’t have to carry your stuff.

Basically, you go in, pick your corner and sit, if you’re not sure, you can have people talk to you and help you decide. I got stickered when I first got there and handed it to my husband. I wasn’t sure I would vote for that person, so I took it off. No big deal. When it was time, I took a corner and waited. Once everyone was in and accounted for the other groups that didnt have 15% (33 people in the case of our little district) had to realign with a second choice candidate. They had 1/2 hour to figure that out. Then we were counted again. Since no one was undecided and no one was under 33, we could leave. It was a close race, and I’ll leave it at that.

They had some other stuff, like asking for money, but the guy that was doing most of the talking just said, I’m not going to keep you here, if you want to donate, here’s the envelope.. That was about the nuts and bolts of it…

Voting in a primary election in another state is more mechanical, cold… and I’d probably have skipped it. This is the first time I ever voted in a primary (I umm, dont like to declare a particular party affiliation, but I really wanted to vote, so I went ahead this time)… I wanted the experience of caucusing, since we’re in Iowa and this is a key year for the Presidential election… this is definitely the place to be. We’ve had tons and tons of commercials, which should slow down now… but I feel like we’re more informed then we’ve ever been. And I seriously hope that either my husband or I voted for the next President of the U.S.A…


  1. Thanks for commenting on your experience at the caucus. I miss it, as I no longer live in Iowa, (so, no, I didn’t go!). I did, however, join a group of Obama supporters in NYC to watch the results. I’m an Obama supporter and extremely excited that Iowa democrats gave him the vote of support!

    Happy Blogging!

  2. So you’re saying you and your hub voted for different candidates?


    I usually think along the same lines as my hubby when it comes to election choices. No particular reason why.|

  3. How cool to actually be part of a caucus!

    I’m thinking about doing a write-in in our primary. Yes, I’m certain of this person’s party affiliation. I want him to RUN! (too much of a giveaway? heh)

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