Auld Lang Syne Embarrassment?

Carrie Underwood and Miley Cyrus : Where are your parents/agents?!? You knew you were going to stand up on the dais with Ryan Seacrest right after the ball dropped on Times Square in NYC and NO ONE downloaded Auld Lang Syne to your diamond crusted ipods you got for Christmas? Come on, really?

Neither girl knew the words. I mean, I know they are young, and I admit that I don’t know or can’t pronounce a lot of the words, but you are SINGERS! ENTERTAINERS! And you’re going to be standing up there with RS knowing what a goofball he is and how he asks unexpected things of the people he interviews, and umm, you don’t even look up the chorus to sing along?

For the rest of us: Check out the words here. Then next year, none of us will be embarrassed.


  1. I didn’t see/hear about this until now. I think I’m gonna have to check it out 🙂 It’s fun for me when stars screw up!!

  2. I couldn’t believe they didn’t know the words either….At first I liked Carrie Underwood, but now I really think the fame and fortune have gone to her pretty little head…she seems rather bitchy to me!! Think they could have found friendlier stars!!

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