Christmas and New Year’s and Caucus, oh my!

We’re going to finish taking down our Christmas decorations tonight, I think. It’s about time to do so. As pretty as they are, in a small place, we need all the room we can get, and a 7 ft tree, quite round takes up quite a bit of room.

New year’s is right around the corner. I can’t decide if I want to blog 365 or not. It seems kind of like a big commitment, but I blog almost daily, and am in pretty good practice due to NaBloPoMo in November…we’ll see. I think I’ll just keep up my healthy living campaign and not make a resolution.

Caucus — it’s a dirty word around here. Actually, it’s all we’ve heard about for the last few months. The primary election in Iowa. And it takes place Jan. 3rd. We’re going to talk it over and decide if we’ll take part, watch, or even go. It seems crazy, but after millions of commercials, I think I’m MORE confused than I was before. I’ve never voted in a primary election before, just the final deal, and only on presidential years. It may be awful, but that’s all I care about right now. Maybe once we have a family or are established in a community that we plan to stay in I’ll care a bit more…


  1. I joined Blog 365 about a month ago probably. I’m now wondering if I was nuts. I did awesome with NaBloPoMo – but a whole year?! I hope I don’t fail miserably in the first week haha!

  2. I know how the saturation with politicians can be during Iowa Caucus time. It can be very confusing and I understand your reluctance since you haven’t yet decided on your candidate.

    With that said, even if you are undecided, I urge you to go to the Caucus. It really is a very unique experience and Iowans have a tremendous responsibility in making a statement to the rest of the country about who they think should lead it.

    While there, there will be plenty of groups telling you more about their candidate to help you make your decision. (You won’t be the only other “undecided” person there, either.) And you can stay undecided at the end, if you really haven’t made up your mind and don’t want to cast a vote of uncertainty. On the other hand, the experience may help to clarify for you which candidate appeals to you the most and you can cast your vote!

    Just something to ponder from someone who wishes she could participate (but doesn’t live in Iowa anymore).

  3. I’m not political, so I’ll say that I usually have my Christmas stuff down either Christmas night or the next day. This year? It’s all still up. Except the lights outside. Took those down yesterday. We are celebrating Christmas with the other half of my family this weekend and I’m thinking I’ll leave the tree up until then so we sort of have the Christmas-y feel.


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