Bears beat Packers TWICE… yet cold WEATHER was to blame?…

I have to say that this is the LEAST likely and most PATHETIC excuse I have ever heard, particularly considering where this came from : the mouth of Brett Favre. That the WEATHER was to blame for the December 23 loss to the Chicago Bears. Sorry, Brett, so, yeah, it was cold and windy, but umm.. weather conditions were near perfect October 7th then? Oh, wait, you lost THEN too!

A commentator from Pro Football Weekly ALSO gave the Packers a nod, saying, it was just too cold for them, etc… Umm, hello? Dude? Can you read a map? Green Bay is NORTH of Chicago. They are known for snow and cold weather, and yet the Bears supposedly played better because… oh yeah, they’re a GOOD TEAM. Sure, they have had some offensive issues, etc. But you can’t tell me that 2 months apart from good weather to bad that for some random reason that the Packers just WUSSED OUT!

Bite me commentators, and Favre, take a look at your MAP for once before you speak! Do you spend too much time out of Green Bay to realize that the temperatures are a BIT colder there than in Chicago? Worst weather my ass. How about saying you got beat by a fairly good team and owning your OWN mistakes. Okay, thanks!


  1. Preach on sista!

    I can’t believe he used that as his excuse. As if Green Bay has better weather than Chicago. They must be used to 70-degree winters up there 😛

  2. LMAO … I’ve been here a few times for Blog365, but I finally scrolled down to the bottom of the page. So glad that before this post went away!

    Most everyone around me is a die-hard GB fan. They all accepted the loss better than any of the players did. I went to the season finale on Sunday. On a GB radio station we were listening to on our way to the game, an interviewer asked a Packer about the bad game performance against Chicago. He said “We usually have heated benches at Chicago. The benches weren’t heated this time.”

    PeeEss: I’m not a GB fan. I never pass on free tickets to see live NFL football.

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