Christmas Dinner… mmmm

I made my own Christmas dinner this year, my hubby helped. A lot. Luckily we had homemade noodles in the freezer and fresh canned green beans in the cupboard.. My hubby helped me by handling the turkey from soak to pan and then helped me get it back out of the pan and get the drippings into the gravy pan, and he stirred stuff and adjusted burners when I asked him to. That totally rocks. Taking what would have been a large undertaking and making it fun and easy. Hmm.. maybe I will try a big dinner like that again, knowing I’ll have help makes it so much better! Check out my hubby’s excellent bread cutting skills and my super new cutting board loaded with the turkey! The best part – beyond hearing my hubby groan ‘oh I’m SO full’ over my food for the first time in history — was that there are a lot of leftovers!

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