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Jenni over at Prairie Air (in Kansas) tagged me for this meme: The “rules” for this meme are:

1) Link to the person who tagged you. 2) Post the rules on your blog. 3) Share 7 facts about yourself. 4) Tag 7 random people and include links to their blogs. 5) Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. I am cheating and only doing 1-3. If you want to play feel free!

1. I like most Law and Order crime-type shows. Crossing Jordan, CSI’s, etc. Recently I have had wicked dreams about the leading men in some of these shows. Go figure. I think I watch too much TV.

2. I really, truly am disgustingly, madly, hoplessly in love with my husband.

3. I could walk around watching birds, trees, animals, stars in the sky, etc. forever.

4. I have a very odd sense of humor. For example: this.

5. I wasn’t a very popular kid because I learned lessons well and early. I didn’t misbehave, so parents loved me, but the kids all thought I was weird, and treated me as such.

6. I was popular in college with everyone (but the extreme partiers group) because they had finally grown up to meet my intellect.

7. I’m really very quiet when you first meet me, but as time goes on and we become better acquainted, you’ll figure out that I’m a pretty awesome person.

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